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Famed for its restaurant and coffee scene, Melbourne is popular with the backpacker crowd (hence why I vibe with it so much!). It has charming, funky neighborhoods, and streets lined with inspiring shops and cafés. You can tap into its amazing nightlife, from a sedate evening at a wine bar to dancing until sunrise at a thumping club. It’s also near the wine-centric Yarra Valley.
So, have you been wanting to get outside more this year, but just haven’t because it takes effort?? We get it! So our team has collected 12 tips to encourage you to get outside!  Put yourself in places where others are already playing outside: Remember when we were kids and playing outside with the other kids was just a part of life?… Yeah, that rocked! The cool thing about being an adult is there are other adults who are also stoked to play outside with others. Bring a soccer ball to the park, bring a racket to the courts, go to your local rec center and see who is playing basketball.