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Famed for its restaurant and coffee scene, Melbourne is popular with the backpacker crowd (hence why I vibe with it so much!). It has charming, funky neighborhoods, and streets lined with inspiring shops and cafés. You can tap into its amazing nightlife, from a sedate evening at a wine bar to dancing until sunrise at a thumping club. It’s also near the wine-centric Yarra Valley.
Wyldlife truly makes a difference with their mentorship program. It allows middle schoolers a safe space to be themselves. Wyldlife provides many avenues to connect with the middle schoolers.  “Club talk” allows children to have fun and play games. After the children unwind, the leader gets up and does a 5 to 10 minute testimony. These club talks are very relevant to the children. The leader's job is to give the children a little perspective of who the speaker is, something the leader is dealing with now,  or something the leader went through at their age.