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Wyldlife truly makes a difference with their mentorship program. It allows middle schoolers a safe space to be themselves. Wyldlife provides many avenues to connect with the middle schoolers.  “Club talk” allows children to have fun and play games. After the children unwind, the leader gets up and does a 5 to 10 minute testimony. These club talks are very relevant to the children. The leader's job is to give the children a little perspective of who the speaker is, something the leader is dealing with now,  or something the leader went through at their age.
Spending one day at a Sprockids event gave me a very good picture of the purpose  of their program: to motivate kids to be outside and to teach the value of challenging oneself with peers. These days it seems too easy for any child, teenager, or adult to be sucked into the vacuum of technology and spend hours of the day looking at a phone or TV. Sprockids combats this societal force by providing a healthy outlet for kids generally 8-13 years of age to come out to the trail or park and learn new bike riding skills.
Sprockids is an instructional program designed to engage young people, ages 5 to 18, in mountain biking. Biking provides a positive focus for youth, develops self-esteem, provides kids with a strong sense of community, and introduces them to a healthy active lifestyle. The program teaches off-road skills through drills, games, and fun activities, while tracking individual progress. Sprockids leaves no kid on the sidelines, cyclists of all abilities are celebrated and invited to participate. 
On November 19, a friend, a Britt mentor, and I completed the Cactus to Cloud hike in Mount San Jacinto State Park, Palm Springs, CA. It was 21.2 miles of pain that taught me more than I could have wished for. If I had known the physical extent of the hike prior to departing, I am not sure if I would have been able to complete it. I was shocked to see what I was able to accomplish.
I recently benefited from this during a weekend of rock climbing and hiking one of Colorado’s highest peaks with a mentor. Engagement on that level is a powerful medium for conversation. I am not generally someone who will sit down just to talk; however, it was through being taught rope and climbing skills by a friend and by my mentor that the discussions came easily. On the mountain we started a conversation that continued off and on throughout the day and late into the night, sitting on the floor
Summiting San Jacinto through cactus to clouds was one of the hardest physical as well as mental challenges I have experienced. Doubt began to creep in my mind just a couple hours into this thirteen our adventure. I learned a lot about the power of staying in a positive mindset while focusing on the present moment of taking it one step at a time. Meditating on God’s truths and words was just one encouragement that kept me pushing to the top.
When you hear the word “Gallop'' what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Oftentimes, when people hear the word “Gallop'' they think of a horse that is moving at a very fast pace. Gallop,  located in Taipei City, Taiwan,  is actually an organization that uses experiential education to help and mentor people of all ages. While education is their number one priority, they also emphasize the importance of helping people discover their identity. Although Gallop does value opinions, they also understand the importance of basing decisions on facts and not solely on feelings. However, they also understand that there is a time and place for opinions.
So, have you been wanting to get outside more this year, but just haven’t because it takes effort?? We get it! So our team has collected 12 tips to encourage you to get outside!  Put yourself in places where others are already playing outside: Remember when we were kids and playing outside with the other kids was just a part of life?… Yeah, that rocked! The cool thing about being an adult is there are other adults who are also stoked to play outside with others. Bring a soccer ball to the park, bring a racket to the courts, go to your local rec center and see who is playing basketball. 
It’s hard to believe that it has been two months since the very first Britt Foundation Christmas Gala. While the holidays have come and gone, a new year has begun,and life has sprinted onward, I haven’t stopped thinking about December 1 at the Gala 417 venue. There are very few days that have left a timeless memory in my mind; however, the Britt Foundation’s Christmas Gala was definitely one of them. The evening was designed to bring together two worlds - our loved ones, business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate gurus and those who  serve in the U.S. military.