SprockKids San Diego, CA

March 15, 2023

Article by: Britt Foundation Team

SprockKids San Diego, CA

Mountain biking is an exciting and challenging sport that has been gaining popularity among people of all ages. While there are many foundations and organizations that support the sport, there is one in particular that is focused on children, Sprockids San Diego

Sprockids is an instructional program designed to engage young people, ages 5 to 18, in mountain biking. Biking provides a positive focus for youth, develops self-esteem, provides kids with a strong sense of community, and introduces them to a healthy active lifestyle. The program teaches off-road skills through drills, games, and fun activities, while tracking individual progress. Sprockids leaves no kid on the sidelines, cyclists of all abilities are celebrated and invited to participate

The group provides a wide range of resources, including mountain biking camps, educational materials, and events designed specifically for children, and younger adults. The camps are staffed by experienced and trained instructors who provide expert guidance and support to the children. The educational materials include hands-on activities, and other resources that teach children about the importance of safety, the basics of mountain biking, and the importance of being out in nature. The events provide children with the opportunity to meet other young mountain bikers and thrive in a supportive and fun environment, building communities and stronger relationships. 

Additionally, Sprockids San Diego helps to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles among children. By encouraging children to engage in outdoor activities like mountain biking, the foundation helps to combat childhood obesity and other health issues associated with sedentary lifestyles. This will have a positive impact on the health and well-being of future generations.

The organization is built for kids and is an important initiative that will have a positive impact on the health of future generations. By providing children with the necessary resources and education, the foundation helps to create a new generation of skilled, knowledgeable, and passionate mountain bikers who will serve as the leaders and ambassadors of the sport for years to come.

All information gathered here has been provided by Sprockids San Diego’s passionate and committed founder, Sean Bascom. Dedicated instructor and supportive community member, with a steady growing foundation, established here in 2018; grown to 13 new instructors and 8 locations through the San Diego area, with a burning passion for the sport and a commitment to building a healthier and safer community for all to enjoy. This is only the beginning of something great.