Brittfoundation 2023 events

Britt Challenge

July 29th 2023


Climbing adventure

July 30th 2023


Britt memorial

August 31st 2023

New York

climb Challenge

October 17th 2023


Join us on July 29, 2023 at CrossFit Imperial Beach Crossfit Gym for the annua! Britt Challenge. Participants will have 10 minutes to run, deadlift, and pull up as many reps as possible for a maximum point total.

There will be great competition, food, drinks, and an after party. All proceeds will go to support the mentorship, apprenticeship, and scholarship programs of the Britt Foundation.

Come prepared to be challenged.

A special high-adventure ropes course for military veterans is being planned for a weekend trip to Butte, Montana. Hosted by PEAK Inc., this program, slated for October 13-15, 2023 (with potential date adjustments), offers participants an exclusive outdoor experience featuring climbing, rappelling, and fostering camaraderie. The trip seeks to promote the mental and physical health benefits of outdoor adventure. The facility provides a ropes training wall and access to various outdoor adventure zones, supplemented by the guidance of a local expert to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.