Cactus to the Clouds

March 15, 2023

Article by: Britt Foundation Team

Cactus to the Clouds

Summiting San Jacinto through cactus to clouds was one of the hardest physical as well as mental challenges I have experienced. Doubt began to creep in my mind just a couple hours into this thirteen our adventure. I learned a lot about the power of staying in a positive mindset while focusing on the present moment of taking it one step at a time. Meditating on God’s truths and words was just one encouragement that kept me pushing to the top. 

Through each step up towards the summit I learned to embrace the discomfort—to enjoy it and be thankful for each step of the way my body took me. I would not have been able to complete this without the people I went with. Our conversations were my favorite part of the trip and kept me motivated to keep climbing. Whether it was talking about our most recent spiritual convictions or what we would do in a zombie apocalypse, each of our conversations brought joy and light-heartedness along the way. This reminded me about the importance of community and having others around me to help lift me up in difficult situations. 

Having people to walk along side me whether it be literally up a mountain, or figuratively through life’s challenges, is what I believe to be one of the greatest gifts God gives. Being able to not only attempt but complete cactus to clouds with a good friend and Britt mentor made the summit even more rewarding.