Britt Foundation Christmas Gala

February 4, 2023

Article by: Martin Brittingham

Britt Foundation Christmas Gala

Would you believe me if I told you that the team behind Britt Foundation knows how to clean up? You may be surprised that we can put away our running shoes and bikes for a night.What shouldn’t come as a shock, however, is that on December 1, 2022, the Britt Foundation hosted the first Britt Foundation Christmas Gala in Virginia Beach. The night was absolutely stunning, full of food, drink, and beautiful decor. But for what? It’s easy to get wrapped up in the pretty things of life, especially around the Holidays where there are parties upon parties that seem so important. So why another one?  Another party for another organization doing another thing? Aren’t there enough? 

 On December 1, 2022, the Britt Foundation hosted the very first Britt Foundation Christmas Gala in Virginia Beach. It was an absolutely stunning night designed to create an atmosphere that was enjoyable and warm. The night was filled with joy and celebration just a week before Chris’ anniversary. People gathered from all walks of life, intrigued by the story behind the Britt Foundation and the impact he had on so many.

One of the unique things the Britt Foundation does so well is the fostering of relationships through high adventure. It is through the overcoming of physical challenges that brotherhood, trust, and camaraderie are developed.

I recently benefited from this during a weekend of rock climbing and hiking one of Colorado’s highest peaks with a mentor. Engagement on that level is a powerful medium for conversation. I am not generally someone who will sit down just to talk; however, it was through being taught rope and climbing skills by a friend and by my mentor that the discussions came easily. On the mountain we started a conversation that continued off and on throughout the day and late into the night, sitting on the floor. I can’t express how meaningful it was to have someone meet me where I was and engage me on my level. It led not only to encouragement, but also being challenged mentally and spiritually. That conversation hasn’t stopped either; we continue to talk as I have more questions, delve into my faith, and push on in life. That weekend brought me renewal and direction; I’m pretty psyched for the future and the adventures to come!

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