12 Tips to Get Outside this Year!

March 15, 2023

Article by: Britt Foundation Team

12 Tips to Get Outside this Year!

So, have you been wanting to get outside more this year, but just haven’t because it takes effort?? We get it! So our team has collected 12 tips to encourage you to get outside! 

  1. Put yourself in places where others are already playing outside: Remember when we were kids and playing outside with the other kids was just a part of life?… Yeah, that rocked! The cool thing about being an adult is there are other adults who are also stoked to play outside with others. Bring a soccer ball to the park, bring a racket to the courts, go to your local rec center and see who is playing basketball. 
  2. Ride a bike! Use trail forks app to find local trails and go out with friends /Find running and hiking trails through “all trails” Don’t know where to start? These apps are a great resource to find trails local to you. 
  3. Wear appropriate clothing. Whether you are climbing Everest or taking on your local trails, wearing clothing that is fitting, temperature appropriate, and comfortable will make all the difference. . Do the research to find out what clothing might be most suitable for  your experience.. Google knows everything. 
  4. Start small and find something local. There are so many opportunities surrounding your community, but you may have to look a little more in depth depending on where you are located. Start small and find something that excites you locally. 
  5. Go with a friend! Find someone who is equally as passionate as you are and go together. Community is truly what makes the adventure worthwhile. 
  6. Try a guest pass. Maybe you have friends who are avid climbers, gym goers, or enjoy other activities. Chances are they have a guest pass and are dying to get you involved. However, if not, many gyms have a trial period that is either a reduced price or even free.  In addition, there could be great deals. If you know you’re interested in getting involved in a certain activity at the gym, look for the deals that the gym is running during the trial period… you may be surprised how good a deal you could get. 
  7. You don’t have to “go pro” on Day 1 (or ever). This isn’t the time to be comparing yourself to others,  truly. It doesn’t matter if everyone around you is better than you. You have the freedom to take your time with your selected activity. You don’t have to be perfect. This is an opportunity for you to get fit. 
  8. Take a class.  Unsure of how to start? Taking a class is a way to get an introduction to the safety of a sport. Whether it’s bouldering or free diving, there are many ways to ensure it is a fun and enjoyable experience – many of those being safety tips. So why not invest a bit of money into a hobby that could become a forever passion. 
  9. Try as many things as you can!  You may hate heights, you may hate depths, you may hate the open ocean, but pushing yourself to at least try any and all of them is a great opportunity to weed out the activities that are simply not it.  
  10. Put your phone away and indulge in the present. There is nothing quite like getting outside and establishing a relationship with the present. Putting your phone up, turning it off, and leaving it alone for the duration of your time is life giving like no other. It’s also a great first step to getting you outside. 
  11. Just say ‘yes’ If someone asks you to do something. You really have no idea how much you may love (or hate) an activity unless you give it a chance and try it. So, just say yes and try. 
  12. Just go. Put your shoes on, open the door and go! It may not be glamorous, it may not be perfect, but it’s something and that is the greatest start you could have! 

Have more tips on how you started exploring? Let us know below!